Compliance through


We Understand that Compliance is a

Whirligig of Motion for Businesses

PW Compliance Consulting is a comprehensive business consulting and solutions organisation focused upon managing and supporting businesses to meet and maintain their diverse compliance requirements, minimising disturbance to your business model and distractions from your teams’ delivery of value to your customers.

We can do this by bringing together a team with diverse professional specialities and industry sector experience, our suite of proven organisational analysis and development methodologies, along with our exclusive Whirligig business solutions, which are specifically designed to minimise the administrative overhead related to compliance while facilitating opportunities to leverage and extract any value possible for your business from the objective focus of each compliance area.

This powerful combination enables our team to quickly understand your business such that our solutions can integrate with your core business processes and provide the support to minimise regulatory overheads while providing the confidence that comes from compliance assurance. Our insights into potential further corporate development and the associated performance improvements and benefits is simply the icing on the cake.

PW Compliance Consulting was foundered by our Directors

Catherine Marchant – Phillips and Brett Welland

Having worked together on a number of projects delivering successful outcomes to their mutual clients and shared values on services and quality outputs they decided to form PW Compliance Consulting.

Our qualified and experienced consultants are drawn from a variety of industries and disciplines. We value practical experience and the majority of our consultants come from operational roles in high hazard industries.



PW Compliance Consulting is committed to being an engaged employer and provider that develops partnerships with its clients and communities to yield mutually beneficial outcomes.


Provide Exceptional Services

We will provide exceptional services to ensure our community of employees, students, partners and clients are confident in us.

Mutual Respect and Diversity

We promote diversity in our community of employees, students, partners and clients – through our people, ideas and cultures. We create a vibrant, inclusive environment in which ideas flourish and future generations, regardless of background are empowered. We respect our colleagues and work together for shared success

Genuine Community Engagement

We operate with a strong community focus, seeking input and valuing the contribution of our diverse community. We consult, listen and promote understanding.


We are committed to excellence through innovation, creativity, learning and knowledge sharing. We encourage employees, students, partners and clients to develop, achieve and show courage in making changes for the better.



Catherine Marchant-Phillips

Founder & CEO

Catherine Marchant-Phillips brings over 18 years of multi-industry and multi-discipline experience in corporate and government sectors.  She brings substantial knowledge and experience in the delivery of successful outcomes that she ensures are managed professionally and effectively to successful completion. 

Against this background, she has provided a range of services; including but not limited to: project management, strategic alignment assessment, change management, stakeholder engagement, organisational governance development, project governance and assurance, procurement document development including tender responses and supplier management. 

Catherine is passionate about working with people to ensure that they get the best outcomes for themselves and their companies.

Brett Welland

Founder & COO

Brett Welland has worked in corporate Quality Assurance, training and resource development roles for the over 18 years, working with several boutique education organisations, State and Federal Government Institutions, up to large multinational corporations. Brett’s credits his success in these roles to his passion for team development and edification.

Through an intimate appreciation of the challenges organisations face developing intellectual capital within the organisation and further nurturing a culture of success, Brett is able to provide strategic guidance and solutions to enhance workforce and governance development. 

Brett is a firm believer in Health and Safety management through best practice strategies and systems-based monitoring and governance.



Our qualified and experienced consultants are drawn from a variety of industries and disciplines with a strong reputation for delivery of safety, risk management, project management, training and consulting services to hazard rich industries operating globally. 

We value practical experience and the majority of our consultants come from operational roles in high hazard industries. 

All of our team has demonstrated experience delivering exceptional service to its clients regardless of the complexity of the assignment or project. 

Where did the name Whirligig come from?

Naming our Products

When we were coming up with the name for our Compliance and Risk Management system common themes kept coming up:

  • requirements for businesses are continuously changing and moving
  • changing compliance requirements for businesses when depending on where they operate
  • it can be challenging, time consuming and at times confusing for business owners and their teams to ensure the organisation is meeting its compliance requirements

We kept coming up with names that focused on movement and changes and when we discovered the definition of a whirligig, it summed it up perfectly and as they say the rest is history.

Regulatory Compliance

Made Easy

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