Compliance Support

with Whirligig

We Understand that Compliance is a

Whirligig of Motion for Businesses

It can be challenging, time consuming and at times confusing for business owners and their teams to ensure the organisation is meeting its compliance requirements.

The Whirligig Group provides quality cost effective solutions, and a positive trajectory through compliance for our client’s businesses through an achievable, holistic organisational strategy and our hands on customer service.

Businesses spend over 120 hours a year on managing, verifying and maintaining their compliance status.  With Whirligig, we’ll give you that time back  and do the heavy-lifting by:

1. Uncomplicating Compliance

A unified dashboard to discover, assign, track and manage all forms.  Stay on top at all times.

2. Stay audit-ready always

A dashboard that logs all activities and usages of forms and keeps you informed of the status of your tasks.

3. Real-Time Updates

Our team keeps the repository of documents on Whirligig updated for your use at all times.

4. Secure & Protected

Your Compliance is your business.  With additional security measures to avoid hacking and phishing, your data integrity is on top of our list.

Regulatory Compliance

Made Easy

Schedule a call to see how our Compliance Management System can take care of all your compliance woes.