Made Stress Free

License, Audits &


Obtaining ISO accreditation and licenses, getting through an audit or keeping on top of WHS can be very stressful, but the key to decreasing the stress and increasing the benefits is preparation, preparation, preparation ….

PWCC consultants can walk you through the process, identify key risks to your business and provide guidance on how best to address these challenges through cost effective and efficient strategies.



  • Ensure that the company understands the licence requirements
  • Complete the licence documentation
  • Work with the company to ensure that the company has all of the licence requirements in place e.g. compliance systems, PPE, current audits
  • Licence suspension / recovery of licence through improvement of performance, policies, training, etc; appeal


  • Preparation assessments for new licences & accreditations, annual audits and renewing licences & accreditations
  • Ensuring your company is ready for the audit including green-star ratings, ISO, Federal Certifications and High Risk Licence renewals through Gap Analysis Audit and Gap fill
  • Developing targets WHS, Risk and Environmental and measurement tools
  • Sourcing third party auditors who can provide:
      • Desktop/Site Verification Audit
      • Certification / Licence Audits
      • Legislative Compliance Audit
      • WHS Audit
      • Quality Management System Audit
      • Environment Audit

Our independent ISO Auditors come with front line industry experience.



  • Depot/workshop audit, clean up and performance improvement day
  • Team briefings on the importance of WHS, buddy support and compliance
  • WHS audits including ISO
  • Risk and environmental assessments and targets
  • Risk Management Solutions
  • WHS targets