Training & Employment




We offer a range of training, employment and RTO validation services for organisations that is relevant, current and targeted to today’s dynamic industry demands.

 We offer training programs through, partnerships, E-learning, Inductions, National Accreditation, Internships and Apprenticeships.




  • Certified trainers and assessors
  • Collate, analyse, map current competencies and track the development of all your staff
  • Develop training materials
    • National Accreditations
    • Non-accredited training
    • E-learning training materials
    • E-learning inductions
    • Awareness programs
    • Team-building programs
    • Empowerment, better team environments including anti-bullying programs
  • Provide training and workforce development programs through our partner Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)




  • Position Descriptions
  • Whirligig Compliance Chapter 6 contains policies and procedures and forms
  • extensive networks through not for profit, Community Based Organisations such as:
    • Careers Employment Australia
    • Challenge Employment and Training and;
    • HELP Employment and training.
    • Sarina Russo
    • MEGT
    • Busy at Work



Validation is a quality review process that confirms a Registered Training Organisation’s assessment system can consistently produce valid assessment judgements in accordance with the Rules of Evidence and the Principles of Assessment. The validation process involves reviewing a statistically valid sample of student assessments and makes recommendations for future improvements to the suite of resources where necessary. 

Did you know that the regulator, ASQA, requires that third party validators validate 100% of an RTO’s scope of resources within each 5-year period?